Israel won’t outlaw Christian evangelists amid new bill – Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel won’t outlaw Christian Evangelists amid New Bill- Netanyahu



Israel won’t outlaw Christian evangelists following the new proposal says Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister.

Following the new Bill proposed by members of the United Torah Judaism Party to penalize Christians caught trying to convert individuals to their faith, the Israeli prime minister took to his Twitter to express his objection.

The Minister disclosed in a tweet written in English and Hebrew, that consequent to the new bill, Israel won’t outlaw Christian evangelists. His tweet however was in response to concerned individuals. He wrote, “We will not advance any law against the Christian Community.”

The proposed bill however had caught the interest of  America  Evangelicals. It was initiated according to All Israel News English translation, a long-serving judiciary, Moshe Gafni and Yaakov Asher. Moshe Ganfi and Yaakov Asher are both members of Knesset. Over. Israel Today reports that for 25 years, Gafni has proposed related bills in different ways. The bills however were reported to have failed as a result of minimal support. Only ultra-Orthodox factions were reported to have supported the bill.

The English translation of the new bill regardless states as follows: “Recently, the attempts of missionary groups, mainly Christians, to solicit conversion of religion have increased. At times these attempts do not involve monetary promises or material gains and are therefore not illegal according to the current law, but the many negative repercussions, including psychological damages, warrant the intervention of the legislature.”

Nearly, all Hebrew-language online videos that contain Jesus teachings would have been prohibited as well. Nonetheless, on the ground that Jewish children might watch it. Joel Rosenberg, an American Evangelist who also was an Israeli citizen had intervened. He warned that such a law will create conflict between Israel and Evangelical Christians in the United States.


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