Bishop TD Jakes’ Word Today 30th April, 2019


The World Is Not Ours...

Bishop TD Jakes' Word Today 30th April

Bishop TD Jakes’ Word Today 30th April, 2019

Bishop TD Jakes' Word Today 30th April

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear (Isaiah 65:24). God knows what we have need of before we ask. God does not react – He acts!⁣

Someone is reading this that needs to know it’s their turn to actualize God’s plan for their lives. There’s no better time than NOW! If it’s you, tag someone & comment, “It’s my turn!”⁣

The Mysterious Wedding At Cana

The wedding in Cana is a representation of our world. The depiction of wine symbolizes satisfaction, nourishment, and strength. As the church, we are the wine that fills the earth. So, how do we pour our wine into a wineless world? We must leverage our time, talent, and tools. Time proves everything. To this end, we should embrace God’s development process. When we do, miracles chase after us! Our talent, whether to lead or to serve is also vital. Leaders will seek solutions and execute them, but without the gift of servitude, the vision cannot manifest. Therefore, both are essential. Lastly, God is building the tools for us to carry out what He has called within us. This is how you know the miracle is on the horizon. He will bring people, opportunities, and information in your life to equip you for your mission. While we’re pouring out, God will transform our proverbial water into wine. So, despite it all, keep moving forward, for the best is yet to come!⁣

Credit – Bishop T.D Jakes

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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