Brian Houston Announces New Online Ministry “JesusFollowers.TV”

Brian Houston Announces New Online Ministry "JesusFollowers.TV"

Brian Houston Announces New Online Ministry “JesusFollowers.TV”

Brian Houston, the once-celebrated senior pastor of Hillsong Church, has taken to social media to announce the  launch of a brand new online ministry called “JesusFollowers.TV.”

In the Friday announcement shared on his Instagram page, Houston expressed his enthusiasm about the new online ministry. “Are you ready for it? he asked. “From coast to coast, city to city, and home to home. Come follow Jesus with us as we launch a brand new online program this year, JesusFollowers.TV,” the announcement read.

The announcement also comes with an invitation to join the launch team, directing followers to connect with him and his wife, Bobbie, through their website,

Houston’s move to launch a new church comes after a period of significant controversy that led to his resignation from Hillsong in 2022.

Houston co-founded Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, in 1983. Under his leadership, the church grew into a global megachurch with a strong presence in major cities worldwide. He was also a prominent figure within the Pentecostal movement, known for his passionate preaching and innovative approach.

However, in 2022, allegations of misconduct with women and accusations of concealing child sex abuse by his father led him to step down from his ministry roles at Hillsong. He was later acquitted of criminal charges related to the child sex abuse allegations.

Despite the controversies, Houston appears ready for a new chapter in his ministry life.  In 2023, he announced plans to launch a new online church ministry this year. “Bobbie and I are starting a weekly online ministry and church in 2024. I’m excited about building this new community,” Houston announced at the time in an X post.

Although the specifics of “JesusFollowers.TV” remain unclear, the name suggests a focus on online discipleship and community building.


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