Brian Houston Refutes Claims of Money Laundering & Tax Evasion

Brian Houston Refutes Claims of Money Laundering and Tax Evasion 

Brian Houston refutes claims leveled by Andrew  Wilkie MP against  Hillsong church over money laundering and  Tax Evasion. The founding and senior pastor of Hillsong church took to his Twitter to counter claims leveled against his church over money laundering and Tax Evasion.

The Australian  Independent  Federal member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie MP has among other evidence, produced a leaked document from the mega-church which he claimed disclosed the church earned $80m more than what it publicly pronounced.

Following his claims, Brian Houston has on his Twitter shared a statement to refute such claims. He stated that the claims that Andrew Wilkie has used his parliamentary privilege to level against his church were erroneous.

“Andrew Wilkie MP  has used parliamentary privilege to espouse unproven and spurious claims about Hillsong church that are in the main, either out of context, misleading or false,” He wrote.

He went on to affirm that he had never by any means had access to the church’s finances, stating that his interest was in the overall well-being of the church.

“As Global senior pastor, my focus was on the all-important  ministry aspects of our endeavors  at Hillsong  church and I neither had nor wanted any access to the church’s  finances”

Furthermore, pastor Brian stated that the General manager, George  Aghajanian with his team are in charge of the church’s financial management. He however added that the General manager and his team report accordingly all financial matters to the board.

“The management of all budgets, spending, and expenditure is entrusted by the board, to the General manager, George  Aghajanian with his administrative team, and he is accountable to the board to oversee all financial  matters  appropriately” He stated.

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