Candace Owens Fights With Sex Worker Who Rejected Her prayer

Candace Owens Spars With Sex Worker Who Rejected Her prayer

Candace Owens Fights With Sex Worker Who Rejected Her prayer

Candace Owens fights With Sex Worker Who Rejected Her prayer: Recently, Candace Owens got into a fight with a sex worker who, according to Candace, was “possessed by a demon” and tried to provoke her by bringing up their marriage.

The 34-year-old author, who is also a wife and mother, talked about her recent appearance on the “Whatever” podcast on a recent episode of her podcast. This was part of her press tour for the Daily Wire series “Convicting a Murderer.”

She debated with several sex workers during the podcast about whether it’s appropriate for women to prostitute themselves. Tensions escalated as Owens challenged one sex worker, who suggested she actually “saves” marriages by fulfilling men’s unconventional sexual desires.

“I honestly felt like, and I never say this, that she was possessed by a demon,” Owens said. “She really was. And she was growing frustrated with me for remaining logical and explaining to her that, obviously, her career was going to follow her for the rest of her life. And she tried to, I guess, trigger me as she was explaining how she saves marriages’ and she tried to trigger me by creating a ‘what if’ scenario regarding my own husband.”

The 22-year-old sex worker speculated about a scenario in which Owen’s husband approached her with unusual sexual cravings and questioned the ramifications for the marriage.

“If you are not going to be accepting with your partner if he comes to you and is like, ‘Hey, I really like getting p-ed. I want you to p-me.’ And you’re like, ‘Ew, that’s so disgusting. I would never do that. You want me to [expletive], but I would never do that.’ Well then, OK, what are you going to do—divorce him? Or what are you going to do? Realistically?” The sex worker asked.

Obviously disgusted, Owens said she believed such behaviors might indicate a divergence into a “perverse world,” possibly influenced by external factors like pornography.

Owens revealed that at the end of the interview, she offered to pray for the possessed sex workers, but the young woman “rejected the prayer on the show.”

“She said she didn’t want me to pray for her. What kind of person rejects a prayer? You might not believe in prayers. Owens said.

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