Christian Leaders Pay Tribute to Bishop Pearson Carlton

Christian Leaders Pay Tribute to Bishop Pearson CarltonChristian Leaders Pay Tribute to Bishop Pearson Carlton

Christian Leaders Pay Tribute to Bishop Pearson Carlton: Christian Leaders across the globe have paid tribute to the former megachurch Bishop Pearson Carlton who died after a brief battle with cancer.

Bishop Carlton Pearson passed away on November 19, 2023, at the age of 70. His death comes three weeks after his family announced that he has been moved to comfort care following a battle with cancer.

Pearson was a renowned preacher, and author, who was known for his charismatic preaching and his unorthodox views on Hell. He was also a pioneer in the field of televangelism, with his show “Everything’s Gonna Be All Right” reaching millions of viewers around the globe.

His passing however was met with an outpouring of grief and tributes from Christian leaders around the world. In the days since his passing, many Christian leaders have taken to social media to share their condolences and memories of Pearson. Here are just a few of the tributes that have been shared:

The Potters House Founder Bishop TD Jakes wrote in an  Instagram statement: “Bishop Carlton Pearson has been relieved of his suffering. His melodious voice and many sermons were for many years a source of inspiration on TBN and elsewhere.”

He went on to recall the many encounters he had with him including being in the same room with him at the “Thou Art Loosed” Conference hosted by his daughter Sarah Jakes Robert and also speaking with him a few months before he passed on. Jakes acknowledged that Pearson played a significant role in his life and that he is saddened by his death. “You can only imagine the nostalgia and sadness as I heard of his departure,” he wrote. He however admitted that they “both followed different paths.” “Yet I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed,” he noted.

Sharing photos of him and Pearson, Transformation Church founder Mike Todd wrote on Instagram:
“What a privilege to have learned from your faith and failures up close. I will always honor the blessing you were to @mrs.natalietodd and I…”
“As well as the enormous contributions you made to move the entire body of Christ forward in so many ways! Though our theological beliefs were not always the same…your extreme belief in me never changed. Thank you for using some of your last breaths to encourage me.”

“Grateful for the profound impact of Bishop Carlton Pearson. His love and light brightened many paths,” World Changers Church International senior pastor Creflo Dollar wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for the invaluable lessons and the enduring warmth you brought into many lives,” he added.

The Pentecostal bishop and senior pastor of City of Refuge Church Noel Joness simply wrote: “Well Done Bishop Carlton D. Pearson”


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