Uebert Angel Meets with King Mswati III

Uebert Angel Meets with King Mswati III

Uebert Angel Meets with King Mswati III

Uebert Angel Meets with King Mswati III: Prophet Uebert Angel, the founder and overseer of Spirit Embassy Ministries, recently met with King Mswati III of Eswatini at the Royal Palace in Mbabane.

In a statement shared on Instagram after the meeting, Uebert said that he was “honored” to meet with the King. He noted that contrary to the portrayals often depicted in the media, His Majesty emerged as a man of profound compassion, deeply invested in the well-being of his people. His unwavering commitment to the financial and spiritual advancement of Eswatini shone through in every word and gesture.

“Having a lighter moment after engaging in a profound exchange with His Majesty, King Mswati III, at his Palace in Mbabane was indeed a tremendous honor. During this encounter, it became evident that His Majesty differs notably from the depictions often propagated by the media.”

“I came to witness a man imbued with deep compassion, genuinely invested in the welfare of his nation and unwaveringly devoted to fostering their financial and spiritual well-being,” Uebert wrote in the November 21 Instagram post.

He went on to emphasize that a testament to King Mswati’s earnestness is his unwavering dedication to prayer. He noted that the King regularly spent extended periods, sometimes reaching an hour, in prayer, seeking divine guidance for his nation.

“His consistent advocacy for sincere prayer, even spending an hour in prayer, extending to extensive sessions, serves as a testament to his earnest commitment to the advancement of his people,” Uebert explained.

Uebert however acknowledged that he is privileged “by God to have access to these world leaders and I must say this is only the Grace of God.”


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