Church Elder Commended for 60 Years of Faithful Service

Church Elder Commended for 60 Years of Faithful Service: Hugh Nicholl, a devoted member of Kinning Park Parish Church in Glasgow, has received recognition for his continuous dedication to his community church over the course of 60 years.

During a special Sunday ceremony at the Church, Rt Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, the church’s Moderator personally presented Mr. Nicholl with the ‘Long Service’ certificate.

“Sixty years of sharing his time and gifts, his insights and wisdom, his sense of humor and commitment to community,” Rev Sally remarked.

“It was a genuine honor to thank Hugh Nicholl in person for his generous service to the Church of Scotland and the community of Kinning Park.”

“This is a beautiful milestone and I promised that when he receives his 70-year certificate, I’ll come and cheer with the congregation,” he added.

Mr. Nicholl, who had strong Christian foundation, was consecrated as an elder on January 27, 1963, at the former St. Andrew’s Plantation Parish church, now known as Kinning Park Parish Church. He has been a great support to ministers and a friend and mentor to newer elders.

Nicholl has held a variety of positions throughout the years, such as fabric convener and treasurer. He also was the renowned session clerk for 25 years until 2021. With his late wife, Chris, who was also an elder for 30 years, Mr. Nicholl organized a church holiday group for some years.

He had a long and distinguished professional career as an electrical engineer and served as the Church of Scotland’s lighting adviser, visiting and assisting many congregations around the country.

Parish minister, Rev Marnie Johnston said: “The service was a very moving and a very memorable occasion for Mr Nicholl, who is a remarkable person and very unassuming.”

“It was a fitting tribute, marking 60 years’ service given by our senior elder,” she continued. “In a very moving and fitting sermon, the Moderator spoke of the importance of forging paths and building bridges to the future which God has planned.”


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