Craig Groeschel Recalls How a Bible Verse Transformed His Life

Craig Groeschel Recalls How a Bible Verse Transformed Him
Craig Groeschel recalls how a Bible verse from a Bible handed to him by a man transformed his life


The Life Church founder and senior Pastor Craig Groeschel called to mind on an Instagram video how a verse of the Bible handed to him on campus by a young man transformed his life.
In a Thursday Instagram video, Groeschel recalled how lost he was in college until a young man met and handed him a new testament Bible. He went on to narrate how he read the Bible and his life was changed after reading Ephesians 2.
“I was hurting and lost in college in the middle of a lot of sin. Didn’t know which way was up. Feeling guilty. Has anyone been there before in their life?” Groesschel asked. “And I was hurting and desperate after feeling very very broken and alone.”
“And a gentleman in a suit and tie was on our campus handing out free Bibles. He handed me a green Gideon new testament, and I started reading in it. Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John, I read all the way over a period of a week to Ephesians chapter 2. And when I read about the grace of Jesus, I was completely transformed,” Groeschel said.
“This is a photo of the man that most likely gave me the new testament bible, Greoschel said pointing at a photo of him and a man holding a green Testament Bible. “I met him years later,” he continued. “It’s hard to tell who is more excited if he was or I was. We were both incredibly touched because the word of God. transforms lives.
However, in a September 2019 Facebook post, Groeschel disclosed that the name of the said man is Mike Davis. Although Groeschel wasn’t certain about receiving the Bible from Davis, the possibility of him being the person is high.
Davis according to Groeschel was highly involved in circulating Bible among college students in his school the same year he received the Bible. “While we can’t be 100% sure, it is very likely that Mike was the man who gave me the Bible!,” Groeschel wrote.

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