David Jeremiah Devotional 20th May, 2019


The World Is Not Ours...

David Jeremiah Devotional 20th May

David Jeremiah Devotional 20th May, 2019

David Jeremiah Devotional 20th May

Theme For David Jeremiah Devotional 20th May – YOUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY TREE

Your Spiritual Family Tree
MAY 20, 2019

You have given me the heritage of those who fear Your name.
Psalm 61:5

Recommended Reading: 2 Timothy 1:3-5

When Joe Tarakjian’s surgery left him in a wheelchair, he kept occupied by exploring his family tree. Joe studied genealogical sites, found relatives online, and followed every lead. He learned his great-grandparents had fled genocide by traveling from Armenia to Syria, then to France and America. “It was so gratifying to meet a 90-plus-year-old relative who you never spoke to before and you hear them light up when talking about your own mother,” he said.

Those who know Christ have another family tree—the lineage of people who led us to faith. We’re spiritual descendants of the message of the apostles and of the Pentecost converts in the book of Acts. The testimony of Jesus has crossed the generations to reach us.

Perhaps we can’t trace this spiritual lineage very far until we can inspect the archives in heaven, but maybe you know who led you to Christ. Maybe you can find out who led that person and the one before. We have two thousand years of martyrs, heroes, and servants behind us and future generations before us. What a heritage and what a blessing! Let’s rejoice in that today.

I am deeply indebted for the godly heritage I receive, and I pray that it will be passed on. – James Draper

Credit – David Jeremiah

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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