Dr. David Jeremiah Sermon: What It Means to Be “In Christ”

Dr. David Jeremiah shares this sermon titled “What It Means to Be “In Christ” which is taken from Colossians 3:1-11. He said that the Christian life offers unmatched personal blessings and asked if you know it also holds the key to ending the world’s racial, cultural and social barriers? In this sermon, Dr. David Jeremiah examines Colossians chapter three and shares how belief in Christ ought to shape your life’s priorities and purpose.

He said a lot of Christians are getting caught up in all this ugliness that’s going on around the world right now. We need to be forceful, we need to be strong in our conviction but we’re to be filled with grace and truth as Jesus was. Christians need to speak the truth in grace and when we do that as believers the bible says we start breaking down barriers that have been built up around us and all of a sudden we’re having an impact on culture. He said if every Christian in America started living like a Christian there’d be a whole different situation than we have in America  right now.

Watch and learn from this message by Dr. David Jeremiah titled “What It Means to Be “In Christ” as we bring the latest messages from Shadow Mountain Community Church to you.

Video Credit: David Jeremiah Ministries YouTube

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