Dr. Dharius Daniels: Is There Such Thing as a Soulmate?

This is Thrive With Dr. Dharius Daniels, with a message titled “Is There Such a Thing as a Soulmate?”.

Pastor Dharius teaches us in this message about a soulmate. This term produces a number of different emotions in people when they hear it: some people are excited about the term soul mate,” and some people are offended by the term soul mate. Pastor Dharius tells us about his experience when it comes to soulmates. His experience is just his experience; it might not be your experience, but it’s my experience, and he said that most people are confused. About this idea of a soul mate, and let’s get right to it.

Pastor Dharius says that it’s going to say that it depends on how you define it; it’s really that simple. It’s informed by the scriptures, which are, for me, the most reliable source of information on the planet to inform my decisions. The word “soul” refers to the inner part of a person’s being; it refers to the invisible, intangible aspect of you that includes your mind, your will, your organ of decision, your emotions, your imagination, and your affections. The word soul mate or “soul tie is not explicitly used in scripture; the Bible talks about a soul as a cleaving to another. A “soul mate is a mate or a person that is suitable for my soul. Soul mate is real because I believe that there are mates that are suitable for our soul and mates that are not suitable for our soul, and many of us, if you’re honest, even if you’re in a relationship, this is probably not the first relationship you’ve been in. The relationship you’re currently in is not the first relationship you’ve been in; you’ve been in some previous relationships, and maybe you’re not even in a relationship now, but that doesn’t mean you hadn’t been in a relationship in the past.


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