Dr. Dharius Daniels: Should Women Make the First Move?

This is Thrive With Dr. Dharius Daniels, with a message titled ” Should Women Make the First Move?”. Dharius Daniels is a cultural architect and trendsetter for his generation.

Pastor Dharius tells us that he will answer the questions he said “i’m getting ready to answer a controversial question I’m gonna try to answer it based on my understanding of what the Bible’s got to say about it and that’s this “should a woman approach a man she’s interested in.” it could be a reference for people who want to know my perspective on this issue now the perspective I’m about to give you is mine I’m not saying it’s the my perspective that has been informed by my understanding of what the Bible has to say about this subject because people be asking. there are people who are kind of in two camps at two extremes. It depends on whether or not she wants Pastor Dharius says it is inappropriate biblically. I’m not talking about whether or not it’s inappropriate culturally, because there’s a lot of stuff that we could say determines what we do and don’t do. For a lot of people, they feel like it is biblically inappropriate for a woman to approach a man, and it’s okay for them to have that opinion. I just think you’re wrong to have to do that if a woman’s preference is to be pursued. Does that mean a woman has to approach a man? You don’t have to approach a man. No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Here’s where I think that view becomes problematic when you take your perspective and you make your perspective a prescription for everyone else.

“Watch the video to understand what Pastor Dharius has to say more about the question.


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