Emmanuel Makandiwa’s church officially opened

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s church, United Family International Church Basilica in Chitungwuiza officially opened by Prophet Victor Kusi Boatang.

The founder of Power Chapel Worldwide, whose headquarter is in Kumasi Ghana officially opened the multi-million-dollar Chitungwiza Basilica church on Sunday, 9th April, 2023.

Accompanied by tens of men of God, Kusi Boantang who also is  Makndiwas’s spiritual father blessed the church with prayers. He also cut the ribbon tied across the church entrance to mark the grand opening of the church. Thousands of people from all walks of life who gathered to witness the event.

Construction of the UFIC  began in 2011 but however was delayed due to some encountered challenges. 6 working years according to the UFIC spokesperson were lost in the course of the construction due to the interference. The mega church which accommodates about 30,000 people was reportedly built by Makandiwa’s family.

“Although the construction began in 2011, we were stopped three times due to some municipal council issues. We had to pay twice in the stand for the process and lost about 6 and half years of work.” “The church was built by the prophet, his wife, and family,” added Prime Kufakunsewu, UFIC spokesperson.

Speaking to the congregation, Makandiwa noted the church no longer will serve its expected purpose of being a headquarter. This he mentioned was owing to the increasing number of members. He disclosed further of his intention of building another church for a headquarter in time to come.

“When we decided to build this structure initially, our hope was to be able to accommodate everyone inside the building, but the numbers are even much bigger now. “This place can no longer be our headquarters and once we are done with this one, we move on to the next project,” He said.

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