God Prepares Us For The Future

God Prepares Us For The Future

God Prepares Us For The Future

God Prepares Us For The Future: We all Christians know that God often teaches us lessons that we’ll need in the future.

Most times, we are not aware of it at the time. God cares about us, and he will always prepare us for the future.

After all, God isn’t only concerned with what is happening to us right now; He also knows our future and all of the challenges (and joys) that may await us.

We have to develop a close relationship with God so that we can depend on him. God wants us to trust him and know that he’s in control of everything.

Most times, we might think that our lives are standing still and that God has forgotten us.

God hasn’t forgotten us; he is taking time to prepare us for a special task in life.

Preparation, along with obedience and service, is a part of God’s process during the growth season.

While we frequently fail to fully understand God’s ways, there are moments when we may believe we are prepared for anything.

We often think that reading the Bible and praying are all we need to be ready for.

As we go through the preparation process, we have to have faith that God is able. As Esther spent time getting ready, her confidence grew.

The timing of God is a mystery. We will be extremely frustrated if we begin to compare the time we spend waiting with the time others spend.

God has a unique strategy for each of our lives. And, because He is a God of diversity, our season of preparation and growth will be unlike anybody else’s.

We have to learn to trust God’s timing concerning our lives and know that his plans are the best.


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