Greg Laurie Baptizes 4500 People After SoCal Harvest Crusade

Greg Laurie Baptizes 4500 People After Harvest Crusade
Greg Laurie Baptizes 4500 People at Pirates Cove in Corona Del Mar, California AfterSoCal  Harvest Crusade


Following the last week’s 34th annual SoCal Harvest Crusade evangelistic outreach in Southern California, with 32,500 attendees and 6,794 people who made the decision to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ, Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie held a historic baptism at Pirates Cove as a major sign of revival.

On Saturday  Pastor Greg Laurie helped by some Harvest church leaders baptized 4500 people who gathered at Pirates Cove in Corona Del Mar, California. The Baptism is considered one of the largest water baptisms in history.

Harvest Christian Fellowship’s baptism supersedes the last month’s famous Ocean Church’s baptism of approximately 4,100 people on the same Beach. Laurie revealed he was baptized on the beach 50 years ago along with his wife.

“Yesterday, we held the Jesus Revolution Baptism at Pirate’s Cove. This of course is the Site of the Baptisms of the Jesus Movement. I was Baptized there 50 Years ago, as was my wife, Cathe. But we never had a baptism like what happened yesterday. We baptized 4500 people.”

“There was a line of folks waiting by the seawall. People came from all around the Nation and World! This may be the largest baptism in American history, maybe world history. God Knows, but it was AMAZING! We give Him all the Glory,” Laurie wrote.

Among the many who were baptized Saturday were pastor Laurie’s grandson Christopher, and granddaughter Stella who he also dedicated while she was younger.

“It was my distinct joy and honor to baptize my Granddaughter, Stella,” Laurie said. “I had the privilege of dedicating her to the Lord when she was a baby, and now seeing her take this important step in following Jesus was such a joy.”

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