Joseph Prince: Follow God’s Blueprint For Good Success

Pastor Joseph Prince shares this sermon titled “Follow God’s Blueprint For Good Success.”

Pastor Joseph teaches in this message about following God’s blueprint for good success. If we want to have success in our lives, we have to follow God. When you follow God’s ways, amen, you get god-like results. You know the ways of God are for you to identify yourself with Abraham; if you are Christ, you are Abraham’s seed heirs according to the promise. If you’re sick in your body, provision is provided for in The Blessing of Abraham. You’re struggling with unpaid debts. Amen. God Will Supply this financial Supply even in The Blessing of Abraham. Guess what Jesus has done. You ought to be healed, you ought to be forgiven, and you ought to be blessed in every area of your life. people are suffering and and not not able to receive the provisions that Christ has purchased for them through his blood at calvary’s Cross and through the wrong believing because of the light of this revelation I believe for the most part it affects the people’s ability to receive from the Lord Believers Believers children of God they’re not able to receive because we all know that your ability to receive is commensurate with your vision of God and how you see him  just like the woman with the issue of blood she saw Jesus in his glory in his grace as willing to heal that’s the that’s the reason why she pressed through the crowd and she touched the Hem of His Garment but Jesus turned around and looked at her and said your faith has made you well but notice that she wasn’t conscious of her faith she was conscious of the Lord and his Beauty especially the beauty of his grace the unmerited favor that was coming forth from him for her and saw that and uh when you know the lord gave me this phrase a number of years ago and is this when you see Jesus in his grace he sees you in your faith amen when you see Jesus in his grace he turns around and sees you in your faith and he said to the woman your faith has made you well.

many times because of our wrong believing in this area we’re not able to receive some of the what we call Earthly blessings you know for the most part the body of Christ today believes that the blessings of the believer is only in the area of spiritual things because of the verse in in Ephesians that says blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing but you see the spiritual blessing means that the word there is there is of a spiritual Source it is a spiritual in nature it is permanent it is eternal because whatever is of the spirit is eternal that’s what it means when you think about it everything that you have in life amen before you can see it tangibly even finances it is preceded by the wisdom which is spiritual blessing it is not tangible it’s a real.


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