Greg Laurie Launches a New Book ‘As It Is In Heaven’

Greg Laurie Launches a New Book 'As It is In Heaven'
Greg Laurie Launches a New Book ‘As It Is In Heaven’

Greg Laurie Launches a New Book ‘As It Is In Heaven’

Renowned author, evangelist, and Harvest Church founder pastor Greg Laurie has set hearts ablaze with the release of his newest book, As It Is in Heaven.

While Heaven remains a distant, mystical concept for many, Laurie invites everyone to bridge the gap between curiosity and understanding with his latest book. The Fascinating book offers a captivating exploration of the afterlife.

In the book, Laurie creates a striking image of Heaven. He portrays heaven as a place full of energy and vibrancy and brimming with happiness, purpose, and unending love. He drew inspiration from the scriptures, personal insights, and scientific findings.

In a Saturday Instagram statement announcing the book release Laurie wrote:

“Do you ever wonder what Heaven will be like? It may seem like a distant place, but the reality of Heaven is applicable to our lives today! That’s why I wrote a book called “As It Is in Heaven” to explore all the Bible says about this wonderful place and help us keep it in mind every day.”

With its timely release, Greg emphasized the need for everyone to be “heavenly-minded in 2024.” Additionally, he encourages everyone to start the year with a copy of the book. He is also offering the book as a special gift for any contribution made to Harvest Ministries.

“I’ll send you a copy of this book for your gift of any size to Harvest Ministries,” Laurie assures. Give at the link in my bio,” he concluded.

Greg Laurie continues to be a leading voice in the Christian community. He has authored over 70 books and touched countless lives through his ministry. His Career however transcends preaching and writing. He is also a filmmaker. He is one of the key figures whose conversion story helped inspire the “Jesus Revolution” film released last year.

Last month, he announced the animated arrival of his beloved cartoon characters, Ben Born Again, and his loyal canine companion, YellowDog. The project which has been in the works for several months seeks to inspire and uplift young viewers.


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