How To Overcome Rejection Through Faith

How To Overcome Rejection Through Faith: Everyone wants to be loved, accepted, and valued. Rejection can make us not feel any of those three desires (love, acceptance, and value).

You can pretend and act like rejection doesn’t affect you, but it can leave scars in our hearts and spirits. If you don’t deal with the effects of rejection, its destructive power can change how you see yourself.

We can experience rejection from a stranger or acquaintance, but rejection from those close to us that we love is more painful. We have to know who we are in Christ Jesus.

To God, you have incredible value, and he’ll always love you. When you make a decision to see yourself as God sees you, that can help you overcome rejection.

Signs Of Rejection

  • Ignored totally
  • Not Being Heard
  • Being overlooked
  • Not being Invited
  • being turned down.

We have to know that overcoming rejection is really important because the aftershock of rejection can lead to depression and isolation, which can permanently alter our ability to be positive and have healthy relationships.

We can’t overcome rejection on our own, but through the Holy Spirit.

Meaning Of Rejection

Rejection and Betrayal are related.

Betrayal: Is a broken trust

Rejection: Is it being dismissed or devalued?

When you are rejected by a person you love and trust, it is a form of betrayal. Perceiving that you are unworthy, whether the rejection you are feeling is real or perceived, it is important to understand that you must identify where the rejection is coming from and when it happens so that you can heal.

Ways To Overcome Rejection

We have all experienced rejection, and we have overcome some of it.

Some people are more sensitive to being rejected, which makes overcoming rejection more painful and hard for them.

Overcoming Rejection can be hard, but it’s possible.

  1. Acceptance: Accept that you are rejected. We have to accept the truth that we have been rejected. We have to know that acceptance doesn’t mean that we deserve rejection. It can be painful to be rejected. In order not to let the pain be in our spirit and heart, we must accept it so that we can heal.
  2. Read, Study, and Know Who You Are In Christ: Our confidence grows when we read and study about our identity in God. Knowing that we are loved and cared for helps us overcome rejection.
  3. Spend time with people who truly care about you: We must know that the people who surround us have a huge influence on the quality of our lives. It’s empowering to live in the glow of people who love us. Positive relationships add and multiply more than they subtract and divide.
  4. Pray For Courage To Overcome: Prayer has so many benefits, and they are life-changing. When it comes to overcoming discouragement, prayer plays a huge role in giving us strength to fight it. Talking to God about our problems, rejection, and hurt helps heal us faster.
  5. Release Yourself From Unforgiveness: Let go of bitterness. It’s really tough to forgive people who reject you, especially when it’s repeated many times. In order for us to be connected to God’s grace and blessings he has for us, we must forgive and let them off our chest. Our relationship with God gets strengthened when we depend on him to release us from the hook of rejection. When we keep carrying the weight of rejection, it can lead to disappointment, bitterness, depression, and isolation.
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