Joel Osteen: Tongue Trouble

Today we bring you a message from Pastor Joel Osteen which is titled “Tongue Trouble”.  Pastor Osteen started the message with telling the congregation that one thing that keeps us from our destiny is our tongue. If we keep saying negative things about our life and our future, it will limit how well we can do.

If we continue to say things like “I’ll never be successful, It will start to manifest in your life. Everything you say to yourself, have the power to come to pass. Whatever you say to yourself is what you invite into your life.

Pastor Osteen urged us to change the our invitations and start sending out some new words over our life. He advised that we have to get our words going in the right direction. You cannot speak negative words and have a positive life. Neither can you speak defeat and live victoriously. The words you speak is setting the course for your future.

Speaking more on the topic, he tell us that if you want to know what your life will look like in 5 years, look at the words you speak. Listen to what you say about you. What is limiting you is tongue trouble. If you have a negative mouth, then you will have a negative life.

He went on to advise us to quit speaking defeat over our lives. Be careful of what you are inviting into your life. Prophecy victory over yourself. Speak health, speak victory, speak abundance.

Again, he said that many of us are better to other people than we are to ourselves. Stop criticizing and talking down on yourself.  Do not think another negative word about yourself. You may think it but do not verbalize it.

Osteen stressed on the fact that going about and saying negative things about you, pushes down all the good things God has put in you. It will prevent you from blossoming and  Flourishing.

He went on to admonish not to let our tongue kill our dream, personality and self-esteem. Instead let it nourish your life. Be your best complimenter and always have good things to say about you.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen: Tongue Trouble” and remember that we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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