Joel Osteen: Your place of blessing – Lakewood Church Service

Today, we bring you a message from Pastor Joel Osteen at the Lakewood Church Sunday Service titled “Your Place of Blessing.” 1 King 17.

Pastor Joel teaches us in this message about the place of blessing. There is a specific place that God has designed for you to be blessed. There are places where he has favor, opportunities, and provision waiting for you; your destiny is connected to certain places. You can have faith and the right attitude, but if you’re not in the right place, you can miss what God has in store for you. Jesus told 500 people to go to the upper room and wait for the Holy Spirit, but 120 people showed up when the Holy Spirit came, and 380 people missed the blessing simply because they were not in the right place. We have to listen to what God is saying to you in that still small voice that is not random, and that’s not just an idea; that’s God leading you into your place of blessing. Sometimes we encounter setbacks that we don’t understand, but those setbacks are meant to set us up for the next level. God is moving you to the place of promotion, a place where you can meet great connections and people who are instrumental to your purpose. You might be in a place that is uncomfortable; you are not seeing any growth, but we have to know that sometimes the right place is a difficult place. Sometimes you have to stay where it is hard, and you have to forgive those who did you wrong. Be good to people who hurt you. No matter how hard the situation is, God is going to send his angel to be with you. We have to learn how to listen to God and be sensitive to what we’re feeling because sometimes that is God trying to speak and direct us to the right place so that we can be blessed.


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