Rabbi Jonathan Cahn – Yom Kippur Broadcast – September 2020

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn - Yom Kippur Broadcast - September 2020

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has given us a new session titled “Yom Kippur Broadcast” on September 27 2020 and it is not a message you will want to miss. The Rabbi and Pastor has changed many lives and drawn many people closer to God through his teachings.

Delivering a message, the Rabbi once wrote on Instagram: “SPECIAL WORD FROM JONATHAN:

I hope everyone is staying strong in the Lord’s keeping.

None of us have every lived through a situation like this. A few things to keep strongly in mind:

1) As children of God, we know the Lord is in control and even uses all things for good, that includes this.

2) Make the most of every situation – Paul made use of his time in prison to further the Gospel – We as God’s servants must do likewise – Make the most of the situation

3) The Lord’s purposes never stop – Nor are we to stop in our following and advancing His purposes – That means our Prayers, our time with the Lord, our time in the Word, our sharing the Gospel, our giving and tithing to His purposes, our fulfilling of our calling, our growing in the Lord and into His image, our Worship, our love, all things – In fact, the situation has probably given most of us more time to focus on these things undistracted – Make the most of it


4) Revival – I shared at the beginning of the year that I believed 2020 was going to be a dramatic year an important year, a time of shaking. But the purpose in the end was to bring multitudes to the Lord – for revival. Let us pray as never before for revival, for repentance which leads to revival, for salvation, for America and the end time harvest.

And remember that revival begins with us – Let us commit to live this year in revival · The Return – We planned to launch The Return – The National & Global Day of Prayer and Repentance on Monday March 16 – We couldn’t have known that everything would explode in just those days – We decided to go ahead with it anyway – In the first few days over a quarter of a million people have seen it. I believe the Lord will use all things for return and revival. · Spreading the Word – Even from home, you can have a crucial part in spreading the word – We’re posting the Video Below – Just share it with as many people as possible – And just as importantly pray that the Lord uses all these things to accomplish great and mighty things…”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn – Yom Kippur Broadcast – in this Month of September 2020 as we bring the latest sermons from Rabbis to you daily.

Credit – Jonathan Cahn YouTube 2020 / hopeoftheworld.org

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