Joyce Meyer: Cultivating Lasting Joy

Enjoying Everyday Life shares this message by Joyce Meyer titled “Cultivating Lasting Joy.”

Pastor Joyce teaches us in this message about lasting joy that we have to understand that making the decision to have lasting joy is important.

Most of us have unrealistic expectations, and we are hoping for God to meet them.  God is powerful, and he does great things, but we have to understand him.

Jesus Christ told us in the Bible that we will have trials and tribulations, but we have to trust him. Life will never be free of trials and challenges, but Jesus has promised us victory.

The thoughts he has for us are good and not evil, to give us a beautiful future. The Lord cares so much about us and even for our future.

As children of God, we must understand that our joy only comes from the Lord. “The joy of the Lord is our strength.”

The world is watching us, and we have to be an example for them. People can be influenced by our lifestyle.

Preaching the gospel is beautiful, but if we are not living it, it is useless. We have to understand that, as Christians, we are God’s representatives, so let us behave right.

When the world is depressed and complaining about what is going on, we can pray to God. Anytime we pray to God, he hears our prayer and has the will to answer us.

We Are Representing God

People won’t be interested in knowing Jesus Christ if we look miserable and behave unkind to others. Jesus Christ said that we should love one another as he has loved us first.

We have to be different from other people in the world by always being happy and handling life differently in a positive way so that people can be interested in knowing Jesus.

The devil is doing his best to make us upset in order for us to disobey God. He sets us up to upset us; he knows what buttons to push; he watches us so closely.

The enemy knows exactly when we’re at our weakest, so let us get closer to God.

When he can come against us and get us to just lose our cool, lose our temper, get angry, and say things that are not good,.

We have to be very careful because the goal of the devil is to make us angry so that we can disobey God by acting or saying things that are not proper.

We can only cultivate lasting joy by depending on God with all our strength and being careful not to allow the devil to push our button.


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