Joyce Meyer: Dare To Believe

Joyce Meyer has given us a new message titled “Dare to Believe,” where she teaches that God wants to help us be fulfilled and righteous.

Pastor Joyce teaches us in this message about believing, and we should dare ourselves to believe. We all experience change, and sometimes it can be difficult to navigate, but the key to transformation begins with our thoughts.

What we think can determine whether we face change quickly or whether it lasts longer than it has to, and we don’t have to survive change on our own.

God has given us the Holy Spirit, and he’s always with us. When we choose to trust God, we’ll see that he is with us every step of the transforming journey.

Give Your Life To Jesus Christ 

We have to surrender ourselves to Jesus Christ by giving our lives to him. The spirit of God will take charge of us and transform us into soldiers of the Lord.

Transformation means being changed entirely from the inside out. God comes, and he does a wonderful thing in us by his grace.

The Bible says, Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. The only way for us to work out our salvation is to depend on the Lord with all our hearts.

How many good works you do and how good you try to be is not our own strength. It doesn’t matter how long you pray or how much you know, you can never earn salvation.

We are all equal on that footing; nobody’s too bad, nobody’s good enough. We all have to come through the same door, which is Christ Jesus.

Holy Spirit, who has given to us after the New Birth, comes to live in us when we receive Christ, and it’s his work to work with us.

What’s in us as a free gift out through us cleansing and purifying our soul, which is our mind, will, and emotions, so the good things in us can eventually be seen through us, so what God has done in us can be a witness, a testimony, and a blessing to somebody else to draw them into the kingdom of God.

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