Joyce Meyer: How to Truly Forgive – Part 2

Here is a message from Joyce Meyer, which is titled “How to Truly Forgive—Part 2.”

Pastor Joyce teaches in this message about the importance of and how to forgive. Forgiveness may take some time, but God will be right there with you to help you. If you have been hurt by someone, it is time to forgive them and move on to the life that God has planned for you. When you don’t forgive, you will just be full of bitterness and anger, and God is not telling us to forgive because they deserve it but because we deserve it.

We have to learn how to forgive, and we have to be good at it, because we are going to be offended many times in our lives. Just because you go to church does not mean that someone will not offend you; they will, but you have to forgive. Forgiving people does not mean restoration of the relationship. If someone is abusing you, whether emotionally or physically, you don’t have to get back with them, but you can forgive them without restoring the relationship.

Because of how much you’ve been hurt, forgiving may feel like the wrong thing to do, but we must obey God. We have to ask God to help us forgive people, and sometimes there is nothing you can do about the situation. When you forgive, it might still hurt you, but knowing that you did the will of God will make you happy, and God will take care of everything concerning you. We all have to make really hard decisions in order to learn. We learn when we do make that decision that God will be there for us and he’s not going to let us down. God will help us make such a difference.

In trying to be unoffendable, we have to know that when we get these little hurts, nicks, and bruises from things that just happen every day, the sooner we forgive, the quicker they heal.

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