Joyce Meyer: My Story – Part 1

Joyce Meyer has given us a new message titled “My Story, Part 1,” where she teaches that God wants to help us be fulfilled and righteous.

Pastor Joyce teaches us something really important in this message titled My Story. “You have to know that you can do anything God wants you to do; there’s nothing that you go through that you cannot overcome with God’s help. Pastor Joyce tells us, “My story, and I believe that there are some people here today who believe that this is going to really help you and really be life-changing for you. Obviously, to get from where I started to where I am, there had to be a lot of pressing in, pressing on, and pressing through. She said you know we all have a story and it’s not that my story is any better than anybody else’s everybody’s story is important to them and we’ve all been hurt so I don’t tell you this in any kind of self-pity but I’m glad now that I went through what I went through because I know it has made me the person that I am today and it’s what has enabled me to be able to help many people around the world because there are so many people especially women that have been abused there’s probably no telling how many people in this room today that have been sexually abused and maybe you’ve told somebody maybe you’ve never told anybody but it’s not that kind of abused some kind of Abandonment or parents that didn’t love you or people that talk down to you or compared you to another sibling or whatever the case might be we’ve all been hurt. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who was raised by great parents who told you they loved you and told you that you could do anything, you are blessed beyond measure because of what people do to kids in their early lives. Sometimes it’s pretty pathetic, and I know a lot of times what they’re doing is just acting out of their own hurt. That’s why it really doesn’t do any good to hate people who hurt you. That’s the first thing you want to get a hold of, because you can never get well if you’re full of hate. You can’t do it. You just cannot get well unless you forgive. Thats one of the first things, and it seems like the most unfair thing to ask anybody to do. It is important to know that whatever we went through or will go through, God allowed it to happen because he wants to teach us something great. We have to find a place to heal ourselves so that we can live the life that Jesus Christ has made available to us

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