Joyce Meyer: Pressing Past Guilt and Shame – Part 2

This is a message by Joyce Meyer titled “Pressing Past Guilt and Shame, Part 2.”

Pastor Joyce teaches us in this message about pressing past guilt and shame. Don’t think for a minute that God is going to help you do something that you came up with; he did not call you to do what we do for God. Although there are hard places we press through, there’s a comfort in your soul that you know it’s what you’re supposed to do. Everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the doctrine of righteousness. What does that mean? t Itsimply means that they don’t know who they are in Christ, andbecause of that, they can’t handle c receiving his correction.f all you can have is milk, then you’re unskilled in the doctrine of righteousness. You can be in the church but still not know that you’re in Christ, and seeing who you are in Christ has to be separated from what you do as a human being. We can do something wrong, but we’re still God’s children, and he still loves us. He’s never going to reject us, and he’s going to work with us if we’ll work with him, and he doesn’t even keep a running record of all our mistakes.

You know, if you could see your balance sheet in heaven right now, it would say zero. Most people’s biggest problem is that they just don’t like themselves, and you may not know that’s your problem or not. You can’t do what God has given somebody else Grace to do; you can only do what he’s giving you Grace to do. Pastor Joyce tells us about her experience trying to be someone else. In Brother Lawrence’s book, Practicing the Presence of God, he says not to go more than one minute without thinking about God. I almost drove myself crazy, and I just couldn’t do it, and you know what I finally realized? I’m not Brother Lawrence. I’m not supposed to be Brother Lawrence; I’m Joyce Meyer.” What God wants you to do, he’ll give you Grace to do it, but you’re not supposed to be spending your life fighting with something all the time. You can accept yourself and not compare yourself with other people all the time. God’s never going to be able to use you like he wants to, so you don’t need to compare yourself to somebody else.

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