Joyce Meyer : Trusting God (Part 1)

Here is a new teaching from Joyce Meyer which is titled “Trusting God (Part 1)”.  In this message Meyer talks about trusting God when you do not understand.

Meyer tells us in this message that it is one thing to trust God for something, and it is another thing to trust God for something when he is not giving you that thing. When everything around you is shaking and you just do not understand what is going on.She lets us know that the only way you can learn to trust God is through experience.

The way you learn to trust God is by having a reason to trust God. As we trust him we see his faithfulness and little by little we journey with God.

Our walk with God is a journey and as we journey with him, we gain experience. She went on to encourage us that when we feel that everything in our life is shaking, what we should do is to trust God.

Although it is difficult to trust God when things are difficult and even more difficult when we do not understand what is going on.

Further she talks about how we trust people thinking that they will not hurt us. No human being is worthy of that trust except Jesus. Jesus is the only one who deserves complete and radical trust.

This is a message that you will enjoy.

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