Joyce Meyer: Why Is It Hard to Finish What You Start? – Part 2


Joyce Meyer has given us another episode of “Enjoying Everyday Life,” titled “Why Is It Hard to Finish What You Start?” Part 2.

Pastor Joyce continued with the teaching about why it is hard to finish what you start. Most times, it is really hard for us to continue with the commitment. What we focus on is what develops in our lives. Pastor Joyce tells us about her experience: “You know, many many years ago—I mean, it’s been 30 some odd years ago now—when I taught my very first women’s meeting at the church that I went to then and started, which is now actually 37 years ago. When I asked God what he wanted me to teach, he said, I want you to tell my people that I love them. I thought, Well, that’s silly; everybody knows you love them, and he said, No, they don’t; if they did, they’d act a lot different than what they do. Well, then he had to show me that I didn’t have any revelation of how much he loved me either. You don’t get Revelation overnight it’s something that you got to stick with and so for one solid year it wasn’t the only thing I studied because I needed to study to teach those weekly meetings I was doing but from my own personal study for one solid year I read books on I looked up scriptures on I studied and I meditated on how much God loved me and I can remember even going and standing in front of the mirror and looking at myself and saying God loves this woman right here God loves me and you know what I got it I got it as a revelation it’s part of me it’s down on the inside of me and I don’t care how much trouble I have or what happens something you’re not ever going to hear me say is well God Don’t You Love Me and see when you don’t have that Revelation the first time Trouble Comes you think well God Don’t You Love Me well God if you love me How could this be happening to me? We have to know that no matter what we’re going through, God loves us.

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