Miracles, Testimonies, Signs & Wonders From TB Joshua Ministries

Miracles, Testimonies, Signs & Wonders From TB Joshua Ministries


Pulsating pains continued creeping eerily down her spine. It reached a point where merely standing, walking and engaging in daily activities became a horrific ordeal. For one year, Ms Carine Palme suffered. The doctors diagnosed the curvature of her spine but no medical terminology could adequately convey the agonising extent of pains.

When Carine learned that Prophet T.B. Joshua was coming to the nation of the Dominican Republic, a ray of hope glimmered. “If I can just get to the Crusade with the man of God, I know I will be healed,” she said to herself. With the strength of this conviction, she managed to hobble to the Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium, aided by a lumbar corset the doctors had given to her in a meagre attempt to manage the pain.

“When the prophet prayed for me, I suddenly felt a weight lifted off me,” she recounted. At that moment, Carine not only walked freely -she jumped! The following day, she testified that her life and health had completely transformed. “I feel like a new person! I am so grateful to God Almighty for sending Prophet T.B. Joshua to the Dominican Republic,” Carine joyfully testified as she threw her now-redundant lumbar corset away.


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