Nick Vujicic Teases a New Movie About After-death Experience

Nick Vujicic Teases a New Movie About After-Death Experience: The Australian-American Christian evangelist and motivational speaker, Nicholas James Vujicic, popularly known as Nick Vujicic, has taken to Instagram to tease a new movie that explores “the experiences of several different people” who “medically died, went to the afterlife, and came back to tell the tale.”

In an October 23 video posted to his Instagram page, Vujicic shared his own personal near-death experience and how his faith in Jesus Christ gave him hope for the future. He went on to note that giving his life to Christ brought to his life an awareness of the reality of heaven.

“As some of you already know, I survived a suicide attempt at age 10,” he said. And since then, you can imagine how many times I’ve thought about death and what comes next.”

“But when I gave my life to Jesus Christ at age 15, I knew that heaven was real. Since age 19, for 21 years, I have been going around the whole world, telling everyone that they have hope. That’s important because of God here on earth and also about eternal life, and we should live in the light of God now.”

The 40-year-old speaker went on to add that even for people of faith like himself, it is difficult to tell what happens after death. He, however, expressed his confidence in the new movie “After Death”, providing some insight into “heaven and what it looks like.”

“This movie is visually stunning,” he said. But it also dives into the experiences of several different people who medically died, went to the afterlife, and came back to tell the tale.”

“It’s an absolutely fascinating peek. In my opinion, it’s heaven and hell, and I hope it gives you a double portion of faith, peace, and hope for the future if you aren’t quite sure what you believe in. I also hope that this movie brings you to clarity and plants seeds of faith for you.”

The “After Death movie,” which he partnered with Angel Studio to promote, will be released this Friday. He is urging people to purchase their tickets in advance through the link in his Instagram bio.


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