North Carolina congregations leave United Methodist Church

North Carolina congregations leave United Methodist Church following the long-running homosexuality controversy.

One hundred and ninety-two North Carolina congregations according to Christian Post have voted to disaffiliate from United Methodist Church. The disaffiliation took place on Saturday after a voting session, organized by UMC Western North Carolina Conference.

The WNC Conference spokesperson made known according to the Christian post that the motion to separate passed with 96% approval with about 50 ballot papers uncounted.

The disaffiliating congregations represent about 15% of the total congregations that make up the conference. The Spokesperson said the regional body is expecting “a lesser number of churches” to request for separation in November.

Kenneth Carter, WNC Bishop wrote a letter to the conference on  Monday. In his letter, he said the day is “filled with a range of emotions and whose meaning we may grasp only over time.”

“As one who has journeyed with many of you for my entire adult life,” He continued. “This is a day I have invested a great deal of time, energy, prayer, and negotiation to avoid in hopes of finding some path of reconciliation for all involved.”

Carter further said he wanted the disaffiliating congregations to have “the grace, peace and mercy of the Lord.”

“By the action of this Annual Conference, you will be free to be an independent church or a part of some other denomination. We trust you will find your way and continue to be a church of Jesus Christ, “He added.

Addressing United Methodist Church he said, “our work continues and is far from complete. We will keep pushing. And we will remain open to being push, to bring God’s Kingdom here on Earth. In all this, I offer a prayer of gratitude for all those who undertake this work with loving hearts.”

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