Pastor Marcus Lamb: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth

Pastor Marcus Lamb: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth: Pastor Marcus Lamb is an American televangelist and co-founder of the Daystar Television Network. Daystar is one of the largest Christian television networks in the world, broadcasting a mix of religious programming, music, and talk shows.


Lamb was born and raised in Cordele, Georgia on October 7th, 1957.He was a minister, since his youth. He is a televangelist. He was baptized at the age of five and started serving in the Church as his commitment to God. He became an evangelist at the age of fifteen.

Lamb died from COVID-19 complications, in Bedford, Texas, on November 30, 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic.. He was diabetic. It is said had been taking Ivermectin,an antiparasitic medication that has not been proven to protect against COVID-19, and the use of which is not recommended by medical authorities. It is not known whether Lamb was vaccinated.

However, as a minister, changed many lives through his teachings, sermons and lifestyle.

Family Life

Marcus Lamb is married to Joni of Greenville, South Carolina who he met while preaching in a Church. They got married in 1982, she was born in Colleyville, Texas, United States on July 19th, 1960. Joni Trammell Lamb is a well-known Christian broadcaster, the co-founder and vice-president

The couple have three children;  Rachel Lamb, Rebecca Lamb and Jonathan Lamb. The Lambs have shown up on standard system projects such as Good Morning America and Dr. Phil. Their ambition as a couple is to enable other wedded couples to remain together.

Pastor Marcus Lamb: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth
      Pastor Marcus Lamb and wife, Joni


As early as the age of 19, Marcus Lamb received Bachelors in Art Theology.


Pastor Marcus Lamb is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Daystar Television Network, which is the second-largest Christian television network in the world with an net worth of about $230 million.  while Pastor Marcus Lamb and his wife’s net worth are still unknown as at the time of this publication.

In November 2010, Pastor Marcus Lamb admitted on Daystar Network that he had extramarital affair that had ended several years before.

Day Star Controversies

  1. Financial Transparency and Personal Use of Funds: Daystar has faced scrutiny over its financial practices and lack of transparency. Critics have raised concerns about how the network solicits donations and uses the funds it receives. There have been allegations that a significant portion of the donations was used for personal expenses and luxurious lifestyles of the Lamb family. Daystar has defended its financial practices, but these concerns have led to ongoing debates about accountability and transparency in the televangelism industry.
  2. Cancellation by Some Cable Providers: At various points, some cable and satellite providers have dropped or suspended Daystar from their programming lineup due to disputes over carriage fees, channel placement, and other contractual matters. These disputes have led to Daystar being temporarily unavailable in certain regions, which has sometimes sparked controversy among viewers who rely on the network for religious content.
  3. Health and Wealth Gospel Criticisms: Daystar, like many other televangelist networks, has been associated with the prosperity gospel or health and wealth gospel theology. This theology emphasizes material wealth and physical well-being as signs of God’s favor, which has been criticized by many theological experts and scholars as inconsistent with traditional Christian teachings.
  4. Teaching Controversial Doctrines: Some critics have raised concerns about the doctrinal teachings promoted on Daystar and other similar networks. Certain teachings, such as “seed faith” theology (which emphasizes giving money as a seed for future blessings), have been criticized for their focus on financial contributions as a means to receive blessings.
  5. Legal Battles and Lawsuits: Daystar and the Lamb family have been involved in legal battles and lawsuits, both with former employees and other entities. These legal issues have included allegations of wrongful termination, breach of contract, and other disputes.
Pastor Marcus Lamb
Marcus Lamb

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