Prayer For My Son – Keep Him And Make Him A Better Person

Prayer For My Son

Prayer For My Son – Keep Him And Make Him A Better Person

Prayer For My Son

I will always say a Prayer For My Son. A prayer for your son will go a long way in shaping and molding his life and future. Sons will be there when the fathers are gone and thus the world continues.

Say this prayer for my son (your son) below:

“Lord, help my son trust You and submit his ways to You. Let him not try to figure everything out on his own, but instead always turn to You for guidance, knowing You will always lead him in the right direction with his life.

Lord, help my son seek You above all else. Let him know that when he chooses to live Your way—the right way—that You will give him everything he needs.

Lord, may my son turn to you to transform how he thinks. Help him not be drawn to the behaviors of the world, but instead, may he turn to You to be transformed, and may He actively seek Your will.

Lord, help my son to invite you into every space in his heart and life, so that You will produce good fruit. Help him remember that he doesn’t have to tackle being loving, joyful, peaceful—and so much more—on his own, but it is Your work within his heart that comes out.

Lord, may my son know Your word and be quick to do what it says. May he not be deceived by thinking that knowing it is enough. Help him to be quick to act!

Lord, may my son find courage as He realizes You go before him. May he find peace and courage as he turns his attention away from the concerns of this world and instead focuses his gaze on You, knowing You will never fail Him.”

Remember to say all prayers with faith and dedication in God including this Prayer for your son.

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  1. please help me pray for my granddaughter Alexis muniz she is confused with being a lesbian .and Kaitlyn Mckelvy that God opens there eyes and ears i believe that God will perform a miracle.

  2. Pease help my son. I will never give up, pease guise me. Help him see Jesus truly loves him. Help to let go of the anger. The enemy is in attack mode…

  3. Good morning man and woman of GOD, please help me pray for my son Benjamin who have gone world with the things of this world drinking alcohol and smoking drugs please help me all I want is my son to change the way to go back to God

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