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The World Is Not Ours...

Receive Your Healing Today and Now

Receive Your Healing Today and Now

If you’ll wait with a positive attitude, then after patience has done its work, you’re going to see the promise come to pass.

God is working. You’re being prepared for what God has prepared for you. The reason it’s taken longer than you thought is because it’s going to be better than you thought.

When you see what God does, you’re going to say it was worth the wait. All things are working for your good.

It’s Worth The Wait

The Bible says that patience is one of the main tools by which God develops maturity in us. No one enjoys seasons of waiting, but these times are appointed by God to make sure that we have character to sustain what He has for us on the other side. Be encouraged that God is at work in you even in times of waiting.

There are hurting people all around, broken people that think no one cares. God rescued you; He’s counting on you to rescue them.

Credit – Joel Osteen

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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