Robert Morris Scheduled for a Second Surgery, Requests Prayers

 Robert Morris Scheduled for a Second Surgery, Requests Prayers: Gateway Church senior pastor Robert Morris has solicited prayers as he is scheduled to undergo a second back surgery this week.

Nearly four months after undergoing back surgery to address an “excruciating back pain” resulting from a “herniated disc”, pastor Morris took to Instagram to announce that he will be undergoing a second surgery to address the “long-standing issue.”

“This week I am having a second back surgery to address a long-standing issue that has continued to cause me immense pain and discomfort,” Morris wrote in a Wednesday  Instagram post.

The father and grandfather continued by saying that he and his wife, Debbie, are appreciative of the many gestures of kindness extended to them during his challenging period.

He went on to express his firm belief in prayers as well as his unwavering confidence in God’s miraculous healing.

“Debbie and I are so grateful for your love, support, and prayers through this time. We believe that God is faithful, and we know that prayer can move mountains and bring miraculous healing.”

Morris further outlined his requested prayer points, which include:
“Pray the surgery is a complete success, bringing relief and healing. Ask God to guide the hands of my medical team and grant them wisdom and precision throughout the procedure.Pray for a smooth recovery and a speedy healing process. pray my body responds well to the treatment and any pain or discomfort may be alleviated.
Pray for emotional and spiritual strength as I navigate through the recovery process.
Pray for strength and comfort for Debbie as she cares for me during my recovery. Ask for God’s supernatural peace to be poured out upon her and that she find rest and encouragement.”

He conclusively noted that his “team will be posting health updates and prayer points throughout my recovery.”

The 62-year-old pastor has fought a number of medical issues in the past.

In June, Robert Morris’s Son, James Morris who also is a pastor took to Instagram to announce that his father successfully underwent back surgery. He explained that while on vacation, his father experienced” excruciating back pain” that required him to be operated on.

“He had a herniated disc that was so large that they had to do immediate surgery this morning because it was pressing against his sciatic nerve,” he explained. Prayer was also solicited for the pastor’s healing process.

In April 2018, Morris underwent hernia surgery. 6 days later, he was 


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