Self Dependency Causes Us To Lose

Self-Dependency Causes Us to Lose

Self-dependency causes us to lose

Self-Dependency Causes Us to Lose: Everyone in the world is talking about being self-dependent and all the benefits that come with it.

Well, being self-sufficient is really good, but there are going to be moments when the obstacles in life are tough. We are to depend on God, and that should be our confidence because our father is powerful.

When things in life don’t make sense, the Lord will add meaning to our lives. We can overcome any obstacles in life with the Lord on our side.

As Christians, when we depend on God, that will give us the ability to overpower the lions and deadly snakes. We may not have the courage to fight lions physically, but the Bible is talking about life challenges.

The enemy is doing his best to install fear in our lives so that he can control us. Fear is a tool that the devil uses to bring destruction to us.

God uses faith to bring great things into our lives. When we have faith in him, there is nothing off the limit. The Lord has not created us to depend on ourselves because he knows that we can fail ourselves.

We’re given the Holy Spirit because Jesus Christ knows that we still need improvement at every moment of our lives.

Self-confidence vs. God-confidence

Self-Dependency Causes Us to Lose pt2

Self-confidence is not bad; you can achieve whatever you want when you believe in yourself. God confidence, on the other hand, will help you do the great work or purpose that the Lord has for you even when you are doubtful.

What is self-confidence? Is the act of believing in yourself and all the qualities that you have in order to achieve your dreams.

What is God’s confidence? Is the process of trusting more than we trust ourselves. Believing in his process and will for our lives. When the spirit of doubt comes, it won’t get to us because our trust is in God.

The devil can project doubt or fear into our lives, but when our trust is in order, we remain unshakable.

“The world tells us that we need more self-confidence, but God tells us the most dangerous thing we can do is be confident in ourselves. We are to be confident in Him  alone.” ~ Joyce Meyer

We can only overcome the troubles of the world when our faith is rooted in God. There are many people who have tried to change, maybe from addictions or past trauma, but they failed because they couldn’t do it on their own.

Most things we are worried about are things that only God can solve.

Do the work.

Self-Dependency Causes Us to Lose pt3

Remember that there are things that we are meant to do by ourselves, like making decisions to live better.

  • Applying for a job
  • Being serious in our education or business
  • Making time for God
  • Taking our health seriously
  • Be more loving and kind.
  • Learn new skills or knowledge.
  • Investing
  • Saving
  • Staying out of debt

All these things are what we can do for ourselves by taking the required actions, but God has to be involved. When we don’t involve him, all our actions might go to waste.

Listen, our heavenly father has given us the power of free will, but we must be careful because the enemy is always around the corner.

Make the right decisions, plan the actions you take, and take the actions, but above everything, remember to involve God.

With God, we are nothing, so whatever we are planning will all go to waste.

Self-confidence is good, but make sure that you have God’s confidence first so that you can prosper. 


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