Steven Furtick: Avoiding Disappointment Isn’t A Solution

Today, we bring you a message from Pastor Steven Furtick titled, “Avoiding Disappointment Isn’t A Solution.”

Pastor Furtick teaches us in this message that avoiding disappointment is not the solution. Many of us are so afraid of being disappointed that we hold ourselves back from doing what God has put in our hearts. Disappointment can be a disease. It can eat away our ability to dream and our ability to hope, and “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” one Proverb says. “” And when you think about the disease of disappointment, it’s misleading, meaning that there’s never a way that a disease in my body is a good thing. We don’t ever think of that in a positive sense. Disappointment, while it’s not a positive thing to feel or experience, is, in its own way, the necessary flip side of having hope. If you don’t hope, you can’t be disappointed. If you’re never willing to risk disappointment, you can’t hope. Many of us are thinking about or trying to figure out a strategy to avoid disappointment and still get the things we hope to have. Whether that’s with people, goals, or dreams, we should not allow disappointment to stop us from investing in things that are good for us. We have to understand that the devil is always trying to make us feel hopeless. Pastor Furtick shared with us his experience with disappointment. “It’s embarrassing to admit that, but even in some of the goals that I’ve reached that were disappointing or the things that I tried to achieve and I didn’t get the success that I wanted and I was disappointed, I developed a strategy, and it was a secret strategy. I never came out and said, “Hey, I’m going to set out to avoid disappointment,” but I definitely did that in some major ways in my life. I’m still tempted to do it sometimes, but I’m not going to go for it. I’m not going to initiate it because what if it doesn’t work out? All of these things are familiar to us, but hope is deferred. a dream that doesn’t come to pass. Things that don’t work out the way you want cause disillusionment, wishing life would be one way and experiencing it another way.


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