The Act Of Being Generous

The Act Of Being Generous

The Act Of Being Generous

The Act of Being Generous: The word generous is not new to most of us as Christians. God wants us to be generous with any chances that we get in life.

With everything going on in the world today, many people don’t want to be generous again. Looking out for one another is what God expects from us.

There is always someone we can do better than in life, and we should try to help them.

What is being generous? Is defined as “the virtue of giving good things to others freely and abundantly.” Generosity is giving “good things”, giving “freely”, and giving “abundantly.”

We can be generous with our time, money, attention, and other resources.

Giving something generously is meant to help the recipient, not the donor; nevertheless, the giver may also benefit from the gift. The quality of giving and the essence of the gift are both embodied in the phrase “generosity”.

Offering Good Things: Giving good things can come in any form. Some “things” are material goods like food, bedding, and toys. Giving material goods to those in need is a necessary and worthwhile act of generosity. When we are with the children we serve, we may also provide things like our time, talents, and whole presence.

Give freely: God wants us to give freely from our hearts and because we truly care. We should not give just because we want people to praise us. We should be generous and loving to others because God instructed us to be.

Conclusion: We should know that God wants us to give, and when we give, God in heaven blesses us.




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