The Moment Sarah Jakes Roberts Flip Off Her Wig Amid Sermon


The Moment Sarah Jakes Roberts Flipped Off Her Wig Amid Sermon
The Moment Sarah Jakes Roberts Flip Off Her Wig Amid Sunday Sermon on May 28, 2023


Woman Evolve Founder Sarah Jakes Roberts has caused a buzz as she flip off her wig while delivering a Sunday message tagged Lock In.

The fashionable preacher flipped off her wig while delivering an approximately 1 hour 17 minutes sermon at her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes’s megachurch, The Potter’s House.

She was walking across the stage preaching about letting go of hindrances and locking in with God when her wig started flipping out of place.  She adjusted the seemingly loosely installed wig on the first slip noting that she “don’t care.”

“I Really don’t care because none of these is really necessary,” she said. “because I recognize that it’s not really necessary if the wig stays or not; if the shoes stay or not. I know at the end of the day, one thing I know for sure is that me and God locks in on a word. And if this is a distraction then let it fall off,” she said and continued preaching.

As the wig continued  flipping out of place while she makes her way through the stage, she said, ” I’m taking it off now.”  Then she snatched off the wig.

While some audience raised their hands in approval, others applauded her. Some women also pulled off their wigs following Roberts’ action. Roberts continued with the preaching afterward.

When Sarah Jakes Robert flipped her wig, a women in the audience followed suit
When Sarah Jakes Robert flipped off her wig, other women in the audience followed suit


Sarah Jakes opened up about the ‘wig off’ in a Sunday Instagram statement. She divulged that even though she likes being fashionable, she is still intentional about not allowing her lifestyle to define her.

“I’ve always enjoyed getting dressed up and looking my best. I also have worked really hard to separate my worth and identity from my appearance,” she wrote.

Sarah disclosed that she took off the wig when she felt the wig slipping off during the preaching. She noted however that she prioritize her message over her appearance.

“Today I was preaching and I could feel my wig slipping. My message was more important to me than maintaining my appearance so I took it off, locked in, and kept preaching,” she wrote

“What moved me the most was seeing how many women joined me in getting courageously vulnerable, real, and free. Wigs coming off everywhere,” she added.

She conclusively emphasized Elegancy relating it with serving God. “the wigs, beat face, clothes, and shoes are just another way of showing that you can love Jesus and still be fly.”

“If I didn’t have any of it and still were chosen to preach the gospel, I would. And I did. And I am. As long as you get the message and God gets the glory, my job is done, Roberts conclusively said.

Sarah’s Father Bishop T. D Jakes among many has reacted to the Sunday message. In a Sunday Instagram statement, T.D Jakes said: “It got real.” “God doesn’t call you because of your appearance. It’s what’s inside you that He will use to win souls” he added.

Sarah Jakes Roberts and her husband Touré Roberts co-pastors The Potter’s House at One LA and The Potter’s House Denver.

Watch the full sermon below.

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