Victoria Osteen : Don’t Be A Complainer

Here is a message from pastor Victoria Osteen which is titled “Don’t Be A Complainer”. In this message, Pastor Osteen teaches us that we are not be complainers and fault finders , we don’t need to be complainers and fault finders, it’s easy to see hat’s wrong in a situation, it’s easy to see what could be done better,  naturally we tend to look at the negative and it causes us to find fault.

We don’t want to be complainers and fault finders cause it does not please God, and sometimes it feels good to complain and we feel that we are getting it off our chest , that we’re just venting and it feels good and sometimes we think that if we complain we might change the situation but we can’t change situation by complaining and finding faults, we are actually making the situation worse.

When we give life to these thoughts, we create more negative environment, we don’t only pollute yourself  with this negative thought, we pollute other people, we cause them to start thinking negative thoughts.

No one wants to be around a complainer , no one want to be around a fault-finder, so let’s watch what we’re saying even though it may feel good for a time. We have to stop and step back and think “it this doing us any good”?  According to researchers when we complain we rewire our brain to complain, when you complain to learn to complain more.

We have to be a person that has faith and hope, yes we might have opportunity to complain because there is no perfect person, there’s no perfect spouse, no perfect job, life is imperfect.

We should learn to be smarter than a complainer, and figure out a way to be the solution to the problem, find a way to act properly when you feel negative.

Deuteronomy 1:2 “When God was taking them to the promise land , He already ordained to get them there it was an 11- day journey but it took them 40 years because of the bad behavior of complaining.

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