Victoria Osteen: Our Words Are Containers Of Power

Joel Osteen Ministries shares this message by Victoria Osteen titled “Our Words Are Containers of Power.”

Pastor Victoria teaches us in this message about how powerful words are. We have to know that words are really important, and we have to be careful what kind of words we use. Pastor Victoria tells us a story in the Bible about a woman who has been sick for 12 years. She has a condition that causes her body to lose blood, which leaves her weak. She has gone to different doctors, but no one can help her. She has spent everything she has had instead of getting better; the Bible says she got worse. One day she heard that Jesus was in her town, and she got up from where she was and got on the crowded street. She kept pushing through the crowds, trying to get to Jesus. She made her way to Jesus, and when she touched him that day, suddenly she got a miracle of healing. We have to know that Jesus has the power to heal you and to provide for anything that you need in your life. She not only pushed through the crowds on the street, but she also pushed negative thoughts into her mind. We don’t have to give up in any situation, but having determination is really important. Don’t give in to other people’s opinions. Jesus has the power to do anything in our lives, and we have to believe him alone.

It’s not going to be easy, but if we keep our words going in the right direction, Saying positive words over our lives creates thought. We need to find the right thought in order to declare the right words over our lives. When we release the right word, we are releasing our faith, and things will start to fall in the right direction.


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