Why Do Business Plans Fail? Shepherd Bushiri Explains

Why Do Business Plans Fail? Shepherd Bushiri Explains

Why do Business Plans Fail? Shepherd Bushiri Explains: While business plans are essential for laying the groundwork for a successful venture, even the most carefully crafted plans can fall short of their intended goals. Several factors can contribute to the downfall of a well-structured business plan

Enlightened Christian Gathering Church founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has taken to social media to explain the undermining factors of well-conceived business plans.

In a statement  shared on his Instagram page on Saturday, Bushiri argues that a bad business idea as conceived by many is not a factor that kills one’s “business plan, project, career, or vision.”

He however went on to explain that the main factor that causes the downfall of a well-structured business plan is having good ideas that are not inspired by God.

“It is not a BAD idea that kills your business plan, project, career, or vision; it is a GOOD idea that does not come from God,” Bushiri contends.

“At this hour, I am sensing in the spirit realm that someone had many GOOD ideas, but they all failed. The reason is that your ideas have always been GOOD, but they were not inspired by God,” he added.

The influential Malawian preacher and author is also a businessman. In July, AsiaOne Magazine awarded him the 2023 Greatest African Business Leader for his exceptional visionary leadership. At the time, Bushiri’s project Goshen City, aimed at creating 100,000 skilled and non-skilled jobs in the country “took the award of Greatest Brand For Sustainable Practice 2023.”

Bushiri is set to host a “crossover night of wealth transfer” in Lilongwe Malawi. At the crossover night scheduled to be held on December 31, Bushiri will be teaching the principles of wealth creation and prosperity. He also will be praying for participants to receive financial miracles.

“The Lord wants to take away the shame, disgrace, and financial affliction of His people. This will be a night like no other. Come with your family members and watch the God of Major 1 perform financial wonders in your life. The Night of Wealth Transfer, this December, with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,” a statement announcing the event read.


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