YouTube Deletes TB Joshua’s Channel Citing ‘Hate Speech’

YouTube Deletes TB Joshua’s Channel Citing ‘Hate Speech’

YouTube has terminated the official channel of TB Joshua the Synagogue Church of All Nations founder and televangelist for violating its hate speech policies.

This action follows investigations by media outlets into allegations of abuse linked to Joshua, who passed away in 2021. While YouTube cited “hate speech violations” according to BBC as the reason, concerns about the channel’s content had previously led to a temporary suspension in 2021.

Despite its large following and role in Joshua’s fame, the church, now led by his widow, has remained silent on the recent removal according to BBC.

However, it previously dismissed allegations of misconduct as “unfounded,” the BBC added. The investigations highlighted at least 50 “abusive” videos on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel that were reported to the platform, which led to the suspension last week.

The removed content from Emmanuel TV reportedly included footage of people with mental health issues restrained, false medical claims, and attacks on women who accused TB Joshua of sexual abuse.

This comes after the channel’s satellite broadcast was dropped by MultiChoice in January, impacting millions of viewers on DStv and GOTv.

The BBC investigation reveals that Joshua rained “Hell” upon his victims inside his 12-story living compound that adjoins his Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria.

“We all thought we were in Heaven, but we were in Hell,” a woman and survivor identified as Rae said while telling the BBC about the 12 years she spent in Joshua’s compound. “And in Hell, terrible things happen.”

“This story is like a horror story. It’s like something you watch in fiction, but it’s true,” she added.

One of the women, identified as Victoria, said she was tasked with selecting young ladies for Joshua from the church. Another woman, identified as Bisola, claimed to have been entrusted with the responsibility of locating virgins.

“TB Joshua asked me to recruit virgins for him,” she said. “So that he could bring them into the disciple-fold and disvirgin them.”

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