Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth: Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams is a Ghanaian charismatic pioneer, and the presiding archbishop and general overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. He was honored by the President of the United State of America, Joe Biden with a Life Time Achievement Award in 2023.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams Biography

Florence Bruce gave birth to Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams in 1957 despite earlier medical advice that her pregnancy posed a risk to her health and that she should have the baby terminated.  Florence would later learn that Baby Nicholas had made it through the treatment months later. In fact, she was having twins of which Nicholas was the sole survivor.

Nicholas father, E.K. Duncan-Williams, was an Ambassador, politician, and chief and only became actively involved in his life at the age of 16.

With 43 sisters and brothers, Nicholas primarily learned how to survive in challenging situations from an early age

Nicholas Duncan-Williams sadly lost three of his fingers in 1976. On his sick bed at what is now Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, nurses Mrs. Raj (Hemalatha John Rajaratnam) of Nurses Training College and the Acquah sisters evangelized to him, and he was converted that same year. He vowed to spread the gospel to all peoples and to serve God for the rest of his life after giving his life to Christ at that very time.

He attended Bishop Idahosa’s Church of God Mission International Bible College in Nigeria to become a pastor after getting his Holy Ghost baptism in the Church of Pentecost. Later He established the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) and the Action Chapel International shortly after his return (ACI). The first charismatic church in Ghana was the CAFM.

One of Accra’s biggest megachurches, Action Chapel International, is home to the Christian Action Faith Ministries’ administrative offices. Beginning as a prayer gathering in his father’s home, CAFM relocated to a number of places as it expanded, including Fadama, Tradefair, International Students’ Hall, and Diplomatic Shop, until finding its final home at Spintex Road, where the Prayer Cathedral has been since 1992.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Family


Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams was born on the 12th of May, 1957. He is currently 65 years old.


Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams and Nicholas Duncan-Williams are married, and together they have four children (all serving in the Ministry) and six grandkids.

Archbihop Nicholas-Duncan-Williams and Wife


The Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry, with its main office in Accra, Ghana, is overseen by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, who also serves as its presiding archbishop.
He is the creator of the Charismatic Movement, which began in Ghana and other countries in West Africa 20 years ago. With 250 branch churches and over 2000 associate churches spread over North America, Europe, and Africa, CAFM really is one church in many places.

Duncan-Williams is also the Founder and President of Prayer Summit International (PSI). In 2017, Duncan-Williams was named by the New African Magazine one of “The 100 Most Influential Africans”.

He made history by becoming the first non-American to direct the inaugural prayer for the new Vice President and President of the United States. One of Africa’s power couples is the Archbishop and his wife Lady Rosa Whitaker of The Whitaker Group.

Additionally, he founded Compassion in Action, a Christian non-profit organization that engages in several humanitarian endeavors. These include constructing primary educational facilities fit for the twenty-first century, giving teaching and learning resources to schools in underserved areas, caring for the elderly, aiding orphanages, and supplying clean water to underdeveloped regions of Africa where access to potable water is limited.

His television program, “The Voice of Inspiration,” is viewed by millions in Europe and Africa. Also, he has been a featured guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the Word Channel, Daystar Television, and the Inspiration Network.

Dominion University, with its headquarters in Ghana, was founded by Duncan-Williams with the goal of educating a new generation in excellence and moral leadership for the ministry, state, and private sectors.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams Books

Archbishop Nicholas is an accomplished author. Some of his works include;

  •  (1999). Born with a Destiny.
  •  (1999). Birthing the Promises of God in Travail.
  •  (2009). The Incredible Power of a Praying Woman.
  •  (2012). Divine Timing.
  •  (2012). The Supernatural Powers of a Praying Man.
  •  (2012). The Price of Greatness.
  •  (2012). Destined to Make an Impact.
  • (2012). Binding the Strong Man.
  •  (2013) Praying Through the Promises of God.
  •  (2015). Prayer Moves God.
  • . Building a Memorial. Bishop House.
  • (2015). Enforcing Prophetic Decrees Vol. 1.
  •  (2016). Enforcing Prophetic Decrees Vol. 2: Prayer Watch for Community Transformation.
  • (2014). Powers Behind the Scene.
  • (2015). Understanding the Father Factor.
  •  (2012). When Mothers Pray.
  •  Divine Timing.
  • Worship a Secret Weapon.
  • (2012). Turning Pain to Power.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams Net Worth

Duncan-Williams has been estimated to be worth about $7 Million USD

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