Bishop Dale Bronner recalls grandmother amid sermon

Bishop Dale Bronner recalls grandmother amid sermon captioned ‘Why do you still have certain feelings after something has been removed from your life’.

The senior pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral has in an Instagram video of him ministering to the congregation to bring to memory his late grandmother.

Bronner mentioned he will never forget his grandmother had lived till 97. He disclosed also that she had suffered kidney issues as a result of poor feeding habits. The health challenge, said Bronner, led to one of her legs being amputated.

“I’ll never forget my grandmother lived till she was 97. Probably in her mid 90’s, after she had fed herself for so many years with so much pork and coffee. And she didn’t have a strong appetite for water. Her kidney gave her problems. And then it caused circulation issues in her lower extremities so that by the time she was in her mid 90’s they had to remove one of the legs below the knee,” Bronner said.

Dale Bronner further disclosed how he was with his grandmum when her leg was amputated. He added that even though the leg was amputated, the nerves were functioning.

“And  I remember being with her when they had taken that leg off. She said to me one day, she said: “my foot over here is itching.” And when she looked, the foot was gone. But the nerve that used to run down into that foot was still sending a signal to the brain that there’s a foot there,” Bronner narrated.

Bronner deployed his grandmother’s story in illustrating to his congregation what happens after a person is redeemed and saved. He described the nerve as a feeling to sin. But however, said the feelings are only real but not fact.

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