Bishop T.D. Jakes: Purpose Isn’t Petty


Bishop T.D. Jakes shares this sermon titled “Purpose Isn’t Petty”. The text for the message is from Joshua 6:20–25. “When the trumpet sounded, the army shouted. Listen to that closely. When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted. Never heard of a shouting army before Normie. When you got troops, they fought, but when the trumpet sounded, their army shouted. At the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed, so everyone charged straight in and they took over the city.”

Bishop Jakes teaches us in this message about purpose, and we have to know that it is not petty. We don’t have to look down on any purpose because they are all important. Most of us don’t really know how many good things God has done for us, such as our being able to walk, see, stand, and move around. We don’t know how many blessings we have until something compromises them, and then you’re on your knees praying, “Oh God, if you just give me my sight back,” but while you’ve got it, you ought to give God the praise for what you’ve got right now. In the sixth chapter of the Book of Joshua, there is an invasion where the people of God are getting ready to invade and take over territory. It’s time for us to take over our lives. Declare glory to God. I’m not just going to occupy; I’m going to take over territory. I’m getting ready to go into expansion. I’m getting ready to go into increase. I’m getting ready to take over territory. Glory to God. We have to know that no matter what wall is in our lives, it is going to collapse, and we are going to take over to the glory of God. We have to know that no purpose is petty, and we have to depend on God so that we can do everything that he wants us to do.

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