Danish Evangelist, Torben Søndergaard, Faces Deportation

Danish Evangelist, Torben Søndergaard, Faces Deportation: Danish Evangelist, Torben Søndergaard, Faces Deportation: Torben Sndergaard, a Danish evangelist, now faces deportation after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied a “Petitioner’s Motion for Stay of Removal” that might have freed him from ICE custody resulted in a new immigration court trial.

Sndergaard has been detained for a year in the Baker County Facility of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Macclenny, Florida.

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA), Chairman of the Border Security and Enforcement Subcommittee, said Sndergaard “has been persecuted by this administration and targeted, we believe because he is an evangelical Christian minister.”

Søndergaard was arrested in Florida by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for gun smuggling, despite never being charged, awaiting asylum application decision.

The Evangelist and his family fled Denmark in 2019, fearing persecution and arrest following a harassment campaign by the government and media.

His wlegal team told CBN News it’s unclear when or if their client will be deported, as his application for political asylum is still pending.

On his Facebook page, Søndergaard writes that “It is, ‘Goodbye America,’ unless God comes and does a miracle. Yes, I still have my pending asylum running in the eleventh circuit, so even though I lost my Motion to Stay, I could still win my asylum case that is running there.”

He adds, “It could also happen that I will be deported now, and then after I am deported, and am back to Europe, I could actually win my case and be able to come back to America. But it needs a miracle. And if I lose, it looks like it is, ‘Goodbye with America,’ for me.”

Torben, founder of The Last Reformation and the Jesus Center in Denmark, faced attacks from Danish government agencies in 2016 for food safety and unpaid taxes. The ministry was also investigated for homeschooling and undercover reporting for a documentary called God’s Best Children.

He told CBN News the documentary ruined his reputation in Denmark.

Søndergaard urges Christians to pray for miracles, revival, judge’s rightness, God’s will, and family, focusing on the church, revival, and judge’s actions.

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