Steven Furtick: Where To Find Your Opportunity

Today, we bring you a message from Pastor Steven Furtick titled, “Where To Find Your Opportunity.”

Pastor Furtick teaches us in this message to find our opportunities in life. Many of us don’t even know where to start in our search for it. “It could have ended a whole lot differently.” How many of you know there are some things in your life that could have ended a whole lot differently? That drunk driver swerved right into your lane, but some kind of angel just pulled that car back over. It could have ended a whole lot differently. If we had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, it could have ended a whole lot differently. We all know the story about David and Goliath; we all know how it ended, but at the moment David killed Goliath, he didn’t know the end. It’s different when you know how it ends. We can shout, but David was shaking, shaking in his sandals, holding a sling, trembling, and wondering how this would end, but he trusted God. When we don’t understand anything in our lives, trusting God is really important because only he knows how the end will be. yet about the situation in your life, and you are still looking at a giant that is bigger than you. If David makes some different decisions, the story ends a whole lot differently. God is writing your story right now for your family right now for this season of your life right now, and although we know that Goliath goes down, David has to do it in the face of uncertainty. No matter how many sermons you hear about David defeating Goliath, you must recognize that there were three things David had to face before he even got to Goliath. If any of these three things had gone differently, it could have been a whole lot different. Samuel has already anointed David. He already knows he has a great future, but if David refuses to be faithful in the present because he’s too focused on the future, this story will end a whole lot differently. We have to obey God in every area of our lives because he is the one who is writing our stories, and the decisions we make today determine the future.


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